The Joy of Baking

Here is a box:

Now you may not think this box looks very interesting but you’d be wrong*, because look what’s inside the box:

Lots of lovely baking goodies, that’s what! Food colouring, edible pink glitter, white chocolate stars . . . and also the boring basics like flour.

I love baking, I feel a genuine sense of pride when I open the oven door and my cupcakes have magically risen and I actually don’t mind cleaning up afterwards (as long as I can play some poptastic music really loudly while I’m doing it). One of my (sort of) New Year’s Resolutions was to become a baking extraordinaire (see this post for further details) and I inched a little bit further towards my goal this week by baking not one but TWO batches of cupcakes**.

First up was some gingerbread cake for my mum’s birthday:

Secondly were some Coca-Cola cupcakes I baked on Thursday with my BFF Mel:

Despite a bicarbonate of soda catastrophe (I forgot to put it in at the right point, Lady Gaga was distracting me with her amazingness) the gingerbread tasted amazing with Häagen-Dazs Vanilla Ice Cream and the Coca-Cola cupcakes just tasted amazing FULL STOP (I accredit any amazing tastiness to Mel and her beating skillz). Tomorrow a new series starts on BBC2 called Baking Made Easy. It looks really good and I’m hoping that by watching it I will improve my baking technique and there won’t be any further bicarbonate of soda catastrophes.

Here’s to another week of baking,

Jude xxx

*Of course you’d be wrong. The box is bright pink with white polka dots and a turquoise lid. Even if there was nothing inside the box it would still be an interesting box.
**The recipes for aforementioned cupcakes are in this book, pages 108 and 137


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