One Craftastic Evening

Last Sunday was the first meeting of Meet & Make, the craft group formerly known as Starting From Stitch.

Sadly because the group is now held in a pub I can no longer bring along homemade goodies to munch on. However, Mel and I did snack on my homemade cookies at her flat while we had a solid catch up session before catching the lower level train into the city centre to get crafty.

Figure 1: Yummy Homemade Cookies

There were a lot of familiar faces at the 13th Note (the vegan bar where Make & Meet is held) and it was nice seeing everyone again after our break for Christmas. The aim of the session was to learn two new stitches (the French Knot and the Blanket Stitch) and start work on a tote bag to keep all our craft projects, like with Starting From Stitch Iona was there to help guide us through any tricky bits and help provide some good banter.

Figure 2: Ruth, Lindsay And Jolene Hard At Work On Their Tote Bags

Figure 3: Iona: Group Leader And Craftwork Yoda

I decided to embroider “Stitch ‘n’ Bitch” onto my tote because I thought it summed up Meet & Make pretty effectively! I asked Mel to write out the words though because her hand writing is all kinds of gorgeous but the stitching is all mine and the French Knots were great for the “tittles” (get me and my knowledge!). During the session I was more focused on the “Bitchin” rather than the “Stitchin” so I had to finish off my embroidery at home curled up with my cat watching Friends DVDS which was the perfect way to end such a fun day. I can’t wait to use my brand spankin’ new sewing machine to turn my embroidered fabric into a tote bag!

Figure 4: Finished Embroidery Just Waiting To Be Turned Into A Tote Bag

Meet & Make meets monthly and you can book yourself into next month’s session here (it’s £10 to cover all the materials, etc, a total bargain!). I can’t recommend it enough, everyone is friendly, has really good chat AND you pick up a new skill which would make your grandmother proud (I know this to be true because every time I show my mum a new craft project of mine her response is always “your grandmother would be so proud!”. PROOF.)

Jude xxx

PS You can read two other (superior) blogposts on Meet and Make here and here


5 thoughts on “One Craftastic Evening

  1. Haha! It was lovely to see you 🙂 and everyone else too- including the noobs!
    Seriously LOVE the hair. I’ll have to show you my uber short do- I didn’t carry it off quite as well as you do.

    Save me a cookie next time 😉

  2. Ahhhhh, that photo of me is awful!
    However, thank you very much for all the lovely kind words 🙂
    Can’t wait till next month!

  3. You’re talking crazy about the photo Iona but I can’t wait to get my knit on next month either!

    And thanks for the lovely comments on the hair Beth, I need to sit next to you next time so we can have a proper chat and you can show me your short hair photos. I’ll try to sneak you in some cookies next month 🙂

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