Scottish Labour Conference 2011

Today I went to my first ever Labour conference.

It was a good day with a lot of familiar, friendly faces. I really enjoyed Ed Miliband and Iain Gray’s speeches and when Iain mentioned Keir Hardie, John Smith and Donald Dewar I felt a little teary – I love a bit of good ol’ fashioned Scottish socialism. Listening to them both talk has made me even more determined to do my bit to help Labour win the Scottish Parliament election on the 5th May.

I also attended the Labour Yes fringe event and it was great to listen to Ben Bradshaw and Stephen Curran talk passionately about why they’re campaigning for a yes vote on the AV referendum. I’m not going to campaign for it (I’d rather focus on getting Stephen Curran elected!) but I’m more enthusiastic about my yes vote now.

It was a great day and now I’m going to tuck into some Indian food because curry and the Labour Party are synonymous. Apparently.

Jude xxx

PS You can read Ed and Iain’s speeches here and here.


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