How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Kindle

I’m a big fan of books.

I love reading books, I love going to libraries, I love buying books, and seeing rows and rows of books on a shelf gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside. So I was as surprised as anyone that I love my Kindle just as much my bookcase filled with well-thumbed favourites and below are some randomly ordered reasons why:

  • You can read really embarrassing books (like Tony Blair’s autobiography for example) in public without feeling eternal shame.
  • I’m just back from a wee jaunt to Athens; my Kindle saved me a lot of room for important things . . . like make up.
  • I’m running out of space for all my books. With my Kindle I can free up space on my shelves for books I really love, especially ones that are gorgeously bound like the F. Scott Fitzgerald books below. I don’t actually own them but I really, really want them and with my Kindle I have enough space for them (if not the money. . .)

  • I’m heading back to university in September. Just thinking about it makes me feel nauseous but at least I’ll be able to read thousands of journals on my Kindle. . .
  • I love reading ridiculously heavy political books but when I’m exhausted I have the upper body strength of a kitten and I have difficulty reading said heavy books. With my Kindle that problem vanishes.

Despite loving my Kindle I still have a pile of books by my bed. I definitely have room in my life for both. . .

Jude xxx

PS I’ve added a page to this blog dedicated to my love of books, check it out here.